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Probing Semiconductor/Insulator Heterostructures Through Electron Spin Resonance of Point Defects: Interfaces, Interlayers, and Stress

  • A. Stesmans (a1), K. Clémer (a2), P. Somers (a3) and V. V. Afanas'ev (a4)


Electron spin resonance (ESR) spectroscopy has become indispensable when it comes to the characterization on atomic-scale of structural, and correlated, electrical properties of actual semiconductor/insulator heterostructures. Through probing of paramagnetic point defects such as the Pb-type defects, E', and EX as a function of VUV irradiation and post deposition heat treatment, basic information as to the nature, quality, and thermal stability of the interface and interfacial regions can be established. This is illustrated by some specific examples of ESR analysis on contemporary Si/insulator structures promising for future developments in integrated circuits. First the impact of strain on the Si/SiO2 entity will be discussed. Through ESR analysis of thermally oxidized (111)Si substrates mechanically stressed in situ during oxidation, and tensile strained (100)sSi/SiO2 structures, it will be pointed out that in-plane tensile stress in Si can significantly improve the interface quality. Next, ESR results for stacks of (100)Si/SiOx/HfO2 and (100)Si/LaAlO3 are presented, revealing the potential to attain a high quality Si/SiO2 interface for the former and an abrupt, thermally stable interface for the latter.



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