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Preparation, Structure and Properties of Novel Bimetallic Au/Pd Colloids

  • Christopher J. Baddeley (a1), David A. Jefferson (a1), Richard M. Lambert (a1), R. Mark Ormerod (a1), Trevor Rayment (a1), Günter Schmid (a2) and Andrew P. Walker (a1)...


Ligand-stabilized bimetallic Au/Pd colloids may be prepared from 180–200Å Au colloids which can be covered by Pd shells of varying thickness. They can be isolated as solid materials without agglomeration. HREM observations indicate a narrow particle size distribution and reveal a well-defined Au(core)/Pd(shell) structure. This is convincingly confirmed by EXAFS data. Thermal treatment leads to Au/Pd alloy formation at ≥ 500 K, as evidenced by the appearance of characteristic Au-Pd distances in the EXAFS.



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