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Preparation of Smooth Zinc Oxide Thin Film via Liquid Phase Reaction with Cation Additives

  • Takeyasu Saito (a1), Yoshihisa Hirata (a1), Naoki Okamoto (a1) and Kazuo Kondo (a1)


ZnO thin films were deposited in a solution with Zn(NO3)2 and DMAB from 60 to 80°C. The effects of cation additives such as Mg, Ga and Al in a aqueous solution were investigated on surface morphology, crystallographic structure and growth rate. By adding 1E−4 mol/l of Ga or Al, the growth rate was enhanced from 0.13 m/h to 0.35-0.38 m/h. In addition, the surface morphology became flat in the case of Al addition.



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Preparation of Smooth Zinc Oxide Thin Film via Liquid Phase Reaction with Cation Additives

  • Takeyasu Saito (a1), Yoshihisa Hirata (a1), Naoki Okamoto (a1) and Kazuo Kondo (a1)


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