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Preparation of a Supported Si3N4 Membrane for Gas Filters

  • Fei Cheng (a1), Stephen M. Kelly (a1), Stephen Clark (a1) and John S. Bradley (a1)


A supported Si3N4 membrane was prepared via a non-aqueous sol-gel process using tris(dimethylamino)silylamine, H2NSi(NMe2)3, as a starting material. The SEM image indicated the formation of the Si3N4 membrane with thickness about 2.3 μ m on the surface of the α-Al2O3 support. Nitrogen adsorption analysis indicated that, although most of the pores were similar to those of the α-Al2O3 disk, a new pore size distribution of 20–50 Å for the Si3N4 membrane was observed. The new membrane demonstrates high selective absorption of NO2, suggesting a potential application as a selective filter for gas sensors.



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