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Preparation and Oxygen Permeability of La-Sr-Co-Fe Oxide Thin Films by a Chemical Solution Deposition Process

  • Hirofumi Kakuta (a1) (a2), Takashi Iijima (a1) and Hitoshi Takamura (a3)


Oxygen-ionic and electronic conductive thin films with the composition of La0.6Sr0.4Co0.5Fe0.5O3-α (LSCF) were prepared on a porous alumina substrate by a chemical solution deposition (CSD) process and their oxygen permeating flux densities were measured. Thickness of the LSCF layer on the substrate was about 0.4 μm. Oxygen flux density of the LSCF sample was found to be 0.6 μmol·cm-2·s-1, however, time-dependent degradation of oxygen flux was observed. The CeO2 barrier layer between the LSCF layer and the substrate was effective in order to improve time-dependent degradation of oxygen flux.



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