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Preparation and Microstructure of Au (Ru)-SiO2 Micro/Nano-particles

  • Xicheng Ma (a1), Yuanhua Cai (a2), Qing Ao (a2), Ning Lun (a2), Shitong Li (a2), Fengzhao Li (a2), Shulin Wen (a2), Fan Dou (a3) and Hongwei Zhu (a3)...


In this presentation, we described a study on preparation and microstructure of Au (Ru) nano-particles embedded in SiO2 matrices, which were prepared as advanced display materials by using Sol-gel method. Both microstructure and composition of these micro/nano-particles composites were characterized by HRTEM (high resolution transmission electron microscope), EMP (electron microprobe) and nano-probe EDS (energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy). Experimental results showed that the products have multi-levels in structure like nebulae. The aggregation of Au/Ru nano-particles can be extremely diminished by using SiO2 micro-particles as matrices. Distortions of the atomic lattices of Au and Ru nano-crystallites were often observed in the surface of these nano-particles. Moreover, nano-EDS measurements revealed that Au and Ru nano-particles are always separately embedded in SiO2 matrices, no alloy of them is observed.



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