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Preparation and Electrical Characteristics of (100), (111), and Randomly Oriented PZT Thin Films

  • Chang Jung Kim (a1), Dae Sung Yoon (a1), Joon Sung Lee (a1), Chaun Gi Choi (a1), Won Jong Lee (a2) and Kwangsoo No (a1)...


The (100), (111) and randomly oriented PZT thin films were fabricated on Pt/Ti/Coming 7059 glass using sol-gel method. The thin films having different orientation were fabricated by different drying conditions for pyrolysis. The preferred orientations of the PZT thin films were observed using XRD, rocking curves, and pole figures. The microstructures were investigated using SEM. The hysteresis loops and capacitance-voltage characteristics of the films were investigated using a standardized ferroelectric test system. The dielectric constant and current-voltage characteristics of the films were investigated using an impedance analyzer and pA meter, respectively. The films oriented in a particular direction showed superior electrical characteristics to the randomly oriented films.



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