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Precursors for Vapor Deposition of Blue Phosphors for Electroluminescent Flat Panel Displays

  • William S. Rees (a1), Oliver Just (a1), Henry A. Luten (a1) and David J. Otway (a1)


New strontium (host lattice constituent) and cerium (doping element) precursor sources have been developed and evaluated for deposition of blue color emitting SrS:Ce thin films by ALE (Atomic Layer Epitaxy). In the case of strontium, the monomeric derivative [Sr(hfac)2]*triglyme has been synthesized and structurally characterized, whereas, for cerium, the utilization of its homoleptic tris amide derivative Ce{N[Si(CH3)3]2}3 has led to a blue color emitting SrS:Ce. In a further effort, emission characteristics of SrS:Ce doped with the β-diketonate-related Ce(tmhd)4 derivative have been weighed against data obtained employing the cerium tris amide composition.



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