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Potential Role for Charged Dangling Bonds in Transient-Lesr of Light-Soaked a-Si:H

  • Z. M. Saleh (a1), H. Tarui (a1), S. Tsuda (a1), S. Nakano (a1) and Y. Kuwano (a1)...


Transient light-induced electron spin resonance (LESR) at 120 K, has been used to investigate deep defects in a-Si:H through changes in the lineshape. When the lineshape is deconvoluted into narrow and broad components, the narrow component is found to decrease, relative to the broad component, with increasing light-soaking time. Similar changes are not observed, however, in as-deposited or annealed films regardless of deposition and annealing conditions. An important role for charged dangling bonds is proposed to explain these changes and we suggest that intrinsic (stable) and light-induced (metastable) defects play different roles in transient-LESR and may occupy different energy distributions in the gap.



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Potential Role for Charged Dangling Bonds in Transient-Lesr of Light-Soaked a-Si:H

  • Z. M. Saleh (a1), H. Tarui (a1), S. Tsuda (a1), S. Nakano (a1) and Y. Kuwano (a1)...


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