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Post Implantation Treatment of Silicon Carbide-Based Sensors for Hydrogen Detection Properties Enhancement

  • I. C. Muntele (a1), C. I. Muntele (a1), D. Ila (a1), R. L. Zimmerman (a1), D. B. Poker (a2) and D. K. Hensley (a2)...


Palladium ion implantation was performed at energies of 35 keV, 50 keV and 100 keV, at both room temperature (RT) and 500 °C, on two identical sets of 6H, n-type silicon carbide samples. Then, one set of samples was subjected to a post-implantation sputtering process, in order to eliminate the substrate layer damaged by the palladium ions during implantation. Electrical and micro-Raman measurements have been performed on both sets of samples, aiming for a better understanding of the chemical processes that take place in the presence of hydrogen atmosphere in the chemical sensors prepared this way.



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