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Porous Amorphous Si Formation by the Etching of Single Crystal Si Substrates

  • T. George (a1), R. P. Vasquez (a1), S. S. Kim (a1), R.W. Fathauer (a1) and W. T. Pike (a1)...


The nature of light-emitting porous Si layers produced by non-anodic stain etching of p-type (100) Si substrates is studied. The layers were characterized by transmission electron microscopy as being amorphous in nature. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and electron spin resonance measurements show these layers to be composed mainly of a-Si. The formation mechanism of the a-Si is explored using by stain etching SiGe ‘marker’ layers within epitaxially grown Si films and by high temperature annealing. These experiments provide strong evidence for a spontaneous crystalline-amorphous phase transformation during the etching process.



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