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Porous Alumina-Silica (Gubka) as a Matrix for REE-TUE Strip Solution Immobilization

  • A.S. Aloy (a1), T.I. Kol'tsova (a1), N.V. Sapozhnikova (a1) and A.V. Strelnikov (a1)


The immobilisation of strip product (TUE + REE), collected at Russian research centers and laboratories during R&D on partitioning technology for liquid high–level radioactive waste (HLW), was studied using simulated solutions.

Ultraporous glass crystalline material “Gubka”(G) and multiple processing stages were used to immobilize the simulated strip product. The processing consisted of the following stages: Gubka saturation by solution – drying into Gubka pores – compaction by cold uniaxial pressing followed by sintering (CUPS) or hot uniaxial pressing (HUP).



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Porous Alumina-Silica (Gubka) as a Matrix for REE-TUE Strip Solution Immobilization

  • A.S. Aloy (a1), T.I. Kol'tsova (a1), N.V. Sapozhnikova (a1) and A.V. Strelnikov (a1)


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