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Polysilicon Nanowires for chemical sensing applications

  • E. Jacques (a1), L. Ni (a1), A. C. Salaün (a1), R. Rogel (a1) and L. Pichon (a1)...


Polycrystalline silicon nanowires are synthesized using a classical fabrication method commonly used in microelectronic industry: the sidewall spacer formation technique. Assets of this technological process rest on low cost lithographic tools use, classical silicon planar technology compatibility and the possibility to get by direct patterning numerous parallel nanowires with precise location on the substrate. Grounded and suspended polycrystalline silicon nanowires with a curvature radius as low as 150nm are integrated into resistors and used as gas (ammonia) sensors. Results show potential use of these nanowires for charged chemical species detection with an increase of the sensitivity with the increase of SiNWs exchange surface with the environment.



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Polysilicon Nanowires for chemical sensing applications

  • E. Jacques (a1), L. Ni (a1), A. C. Salaün (a1), R. Rogel (a1) and L. Pichon (a1)...


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