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Poly-SiGe TFTs Fabricated by Low Temperature Chemical Vapor Deposition at 450°C

  • Kousaku Shimizu (a1), Jianjun Zhang (a1), Jeong-woo Lee (a1) and Jun-ichi Hanna (a1)


Low temperature growth of poly-SiGe has been investigated by reactive thermal chemical vapor deposition technique, which is a newly developed technique for preparing polycrystalline materials with using redox reactions in a set of source materials, Si2H6 and GeF4.. In order to prepare high uniformity and reproducibility of Si-rich poly-SiGe, total pressure, gas flow ratio, and residence time are optimized at 450°C of substrate temperature. Through optimizing the conditions, poly-Si1−xGex (x<0.04) films have been prepared in the reproducibility more than 90% and uniformity more than 88%. Bottom gate type of n-channel thin film transistors has been fabricated in various grain size of poly-Si1−xGex on SiO2 (100nm)/Si substrates. 5-36 cm2/Vs of field effect mobility of thin film transistors (L/W = 50μm/50μm) have been achieved after hydrogenation, whose threshold voltage is around 2±0.5V, and on/off ratio is more than 104.



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