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Polymer Based Photodetectors

  • K. S. Narayan (a1), D. Kabra (a1) and S. Dutta (a1)


Recent developments in our laboratory related to polymer-based light sensors are reviewed. The inherent processibility of the active polymer medium is utilized in the implementation of different designs for the opto-electronic applications. The utility of these devices as sensitive photodetectors, image sensors and position sensitive detectors is demonstrated. The schottky-type layer formation at interfaces of polymers such as polyalkylthiophenes and aluminum accompanied by the enhanced photo-induced charge separation due to high local electric field is tapped for some of these device structures. The sensitivity of polymer-based field effect transistors to light also provides a convenient lateral geometry for efficient optical-coupling and control of the transistor state. The range of these polymer-detectors available with the option of operating in the diode and transistor modes should be an attractive feature for many potential applications.



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Polymer Based Photodetectors

  • K. S. Narayan (a1), D. Kabra (a1) and S. Dutta (a1)


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