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Polarized X-Ray Absorption Studies of Oxide Superconductors

  • E. Ercan Alp (a1), S. M. Mini (a1), M. Ramanathan (a1), B. W. Veal (a1), L. Soderholm (a1), G. L. Goodman (a1), B. Dabrowski (a1), G. K. Shenoy (a1), J. Guo (a2), D. E. Ellis (a2), A. Bommanavar (a3) and O. B. Hyun (a4)...


Polarized X-ray absorption studies have been carried out at the Cu K-edge to study the effect of Sr doping in La2CuO4 and oxygen doping in YBa2Cu3O6+x. These measurements help to elucidate the transitions giving rise to the absorption edges. We offer an explanation of the polarization shifts of features in terms of the results of our embedded cluster calculations of electronic structure.



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