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Polarized Luminescence of Defects in CuGaSe2

  • Susanne Siebentritt (a1), Sven Augustin (a2), Niklas Papathanasiou (a3), Damon Hebert (a4), Angus Rockett (a5), Jürgen Bläsing (a6) and Martha Ch Lux-Steiner (a7)...


The linear polarisation of luminescence light allows conclusions on the symmetry of defects in semiconductors with non-cubic symmetry, like chalcopyrites, for which three shallow acceptors have been identified by photoluminescence. The polarisation dependent photoluminescence allows to determine the symmetry of the defects relative to the c-axis of the crystal. A simple geometrical model implies that chalcogen sites show a predominant direction perpendicular to the c-axis, while metal sites show a predominant direction parallel to the c-axis. Since all three shallow acceptors show polarization parallel to the c-axis, it can be concluded that they are situated on a metal site



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Polarized Luminescence of Defects in CuGaSe2

  • Susanne Siebentritt (a1), Sven Augustin (a2), Niklas Papathanasiou (a3), Damon Hebert (a4), Angus Rockett (a5), Jürgen Bläsing (a6) and Martha Ch Lux-Steiner (a7)...


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