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Plume and Jetting Regimes in a Laser Based Forward Transfer Process as Observed by Time-Resolved Optical Microscopy

  • D. Young (a1), R. C. Y. Auyeung (a1), A. Piqué (a1), D. B. Chrisey (a1), H. Denham (a2) and Dana D. Dlott (a3)...


Matrix-Assisted Pulsed Laser Evaporation Direct-Write was investigated by ultra high-speed optical microscopy. A layer of viscous fluid was irradiated with 355nm, 30 ns laser pulses in a laser-forward transfer configuration. The fluid response as a function of fluence was studied, and several distinct regimes of behavior were observed: plume, jetting and sub-threshold. However, the transition between plume and jetting regimes was not readily evident in a study of transfer pixel area vs. fluence, which may be explained by material-substrate interactions.



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