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Pld Epitaxial Tin And Pt Ohmic Metallizations To P-Type 6H-Sic Using Focused Ion Beam Surface Modification

  • A. A. Iliadis (a1), S. N. Andronescu (a1), K. Edinger (a1), J. H. Orloff (a1), V. Talyansky (a2), R. D. Vispute (a2), R. P. Sharma (a2), T. Venkatesan (a2), M. C. Wood (a3) and K. A. Jones (a3)...


The development of low resistance ohmic metallizations to p-type 6H-SiC using a novel approach of focused ion beam (FIB) surface-modification and ex-situ epitaxial pulsed laser deposition (PLD) of TiN and Pt without further annealing, is reported. The FIB(Ga) surfacemodification and ex-situ epitaxial TiN and Pt PLD metallizations showed a significant reduction in contact resistance with surface-modification, reaching a minimum contact resistance value of 4.4×10−5 Ohm cm2 for the TiN system at an ion dose of 5.0×1016 ions/cm 2 and energy of 20 KeV. This contact resistance value is one of the lowest values reported to date. The Pt system showed increased contact resistance values as compared with the TiN, and reached minimum values for lower ion doses. The contact resistance values reported here are comparable to or lower than those reported for conventionally deposited and annealed contacts to p-type SiC.



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