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Plastic Multilayered Molecular Organic Light Emitting Diodes

  • George M. Daly (a1), Hideyuki Murata (a1), Charles D. Merritt (a1), Zakya H. Kafafi (a1), Hiroshi Inada (a2) and Yasuhiko Shirota (a2)...


Enhanced performance has been observed for plastic molecular organic light emitting diodes (MOLEDs) consisting of two to four organic layers sequentially vacuum vapor deposited onto patterned indium-tin oxide (ITO) on polyester films. For all device structures studied, the performance of plastic diodes is comparable to or better than their analogs on glass substrates. At 100 A/m2, a luminous power efficiency of 4.4 lm/W and external quantum yield of 2.7% are measured for a device structure consisting of two hole transport layers, a doped emitting layer and an electron transport layer on a polyester substrate. The same device made on a silica substrate has a luminous power efficiency of 3.5 lm/W and external quantum yield of 2.3%. Electrical and optical performance for comparable device structures has been characterized by current-voltage-luminance measurements and electroluminescence spectra collected normal to the emitting surface. In addition, an integrating sphere was used to collect the total light emitted and to determine the optical output coupling on glass versus plastic substrates.


Corresponding author

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


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American Society for Engineering Education Postdoctoral Fellow

Sachs Freeman Associates, Inc., Largo MD 20774



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