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Plasma Stimulated Growth of InP from TEL and PH3

  • H. Reinecke (a1), F. Grafahrend (a1), A. Brauers (a1), H. Lüth (a1) and P. Balk (a1)...


This study describes the application of a dc-plasma to stimulate growth of InP in a MOCVD system using In(C2 H5)3 and PH3. Precracking of PH3 enables a substantial reduction of the growth temperature to well below 500 K. In addition, at temperatures where InP is commonly deposited (∼870 K) a significant lowering of the V/III input ratio is possible. The fact that InP is relatively insensitive to low energy ion bombardement permits deposition in a canal ray configuration.



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Plasma Stimulated Growth of InP from TEL and PH3

  • H. Reinecke (a1), F. Grafahrend (a1), A. Brauers (a1), H. Lüth (a1) and P. Balk (a1)...


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