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Photoreflectance Study of Gan Film Grown by Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition

  • K. Yang (a1), R. Zhang (a1), Y. D. Zheng (a1), L. H. Qin (a1), B. Shen (a1), H. T. Shi (a1), Z. C. Huang (a2) and J. C. Chen (a2)...


Photoreflectance was used to study the optical properties of single crystal hexagonal GaN film on (0001) sapphire substrate grown by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition. The energy gap of GaN was determined as 3.400 eV, and the possible origin of the PR signal was attributed to the modulation of the surface field and lineshape broadening of defects. Optical absorption and cathodoluminescence of the GaN sample were measured, and the optical absorption edge of 3.39 eV and the cathodoluminescence emission peak of 3.461 eV at low temperature (15.6K) confirmed the results of Photoreflectance.



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