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Photoluminescence Excitation Dependence in Three-dimensional Si/SiGe Nanostructures

  • Eun-Kyu Lee (a1), Boris V. Kamenev (a2), Theodore I. Kamins (a3), Jean-Marc Baribeau (a4), David J. Lockwood (a5) and Leonid Tsybeskov (a6)...


We find that in SiGe clusters grown on Si using Stranski-Krastanov (S-K) growth mode, (i) photoluminescence (PL) spectra, (ii) PL lifetime and (iii) PL thermal quench activation energies exhibit strong dependence on the excitation intensity. Under PL excitation intensity increasing from 1 to 104 W/cm2, the PL spectra exhibit blue shift from below Ge bandgap up to ∼970 meV. The PL lifetime shows strong dependence on the excitation wavelength, decreasing from 20 μs at ∼0.8 eV to 200 ns at ∼ 0.9 eV. The process of PL thermal quench has two clearly distinguished activation energies. At low temperature, small (∼15 meV) and excitation-independent activation energy is attributed to exciton thermal dissociation. At higher temperature, excitation-dependent PL thermal quench activation energy (increasing from ∼ 120 to 340 meV as excitation intensity increases) is found, and it is attributed to hole redistribution via tunneling and/or thermal ionization over the Si/SiGe valence band energy barrier.



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