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Photoluminescence Characterization of Thin Silicon-On-Insulator Films Produced by Oxygen Implantation

  • J. Weber (a1), H. Baumgart (a2), J. Petruzzello (a2) and G.K. Celler (a3)


Single crystal silicon films on top of a buried SiO2 layer were produced by implanting 1.7x10180+ions/cm2 at 150keV into (100) Czochralski silicon, followed by annealing at higher temperatures. The defect properties of the layers are studied after each processing step by low temperature photoluminescence measurements and transmission electron micrography (TEM). Dislocation-related photoluminescence signals correlate with their TEM observations in the same samples. The photoluminescence method proves to be a very versatile and convenient method for characterizing the quality of silicon-on-insulat or structures.



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