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Photoemission Study of Single Crystal C60

  • J. Wu (a1), Z.-X. Shen (a1), D. S. Dessau (a1), R. Cao (a1), D. S. Marshall (a1), P. Pianetfa (a1), I. Lindau (a1), X. Yang (a1), J. Terry (a1), D. M. King (a1) and B. O. Wells (a1)...


We report angle-resolved photoemission data from single crystals of C60 cleaved in UHV. Unlike the other forms of pure carbon, the valence band spectrum of C60 consists of many sharp features that can be essentially accounted for by the quantum chemical calculations describing individual molecules. This suggests that the electronic structure of solid C60 is mainly determined by the bonding interactions within the individual molecules. We also observe remarkable intensity modulations of the photoemission features as a function of photon energy, suggesting strong final state effects. Finally, we address the issue of the band width of the HOMO state of C60. We assert that the width of the photoemission peak of C60 does not reflectthe intrinsic band width.



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Photoemission Study of Single Crystal C60

  • J. Wu (a1), Z.-X. Shen (a1), D. S. Dessau (a1), R. Cao (a1), D. S. Marshall (a1), P. Pianetfa (a1), I. Lindau (a1), X. Yang (a1), J. Terry (a1), D. M. King (a1) and B. O. Wells (a1)...


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