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Photodegradation of Polypropylene/ZnO Nanocomposites Films Prepared by Cryomilling under Xenon-arc Radiation

  • Karen A. Bustos-Torres (a1) (a2), Sofia Vázquez-Rodríguez (a1) (a2), Selene Sepulveda-Guzman (a1) (a2), Alejandra Guzmán-Soto (a1) (a2), Azael Martínez-de la Cruz (a1) (a2) and Leticia M. Torres-Martínez (a3)...


The photodegradation of polypropylene (PP)/ZnO composites at different concentrations was evaluated under solar simulated exposure of respective nanocomposite films. Nanocomposites were prepared by solid mixing using a cryogenic mill, and then films were prepared by compression molding. All films showed a good dispersion of ZnO nanoparticles without affect considerably the optical properties of the films. The films were exposed in a solar simulation chamber under three xenon arc lamps with a 340nm filter. Degradation of PP/ZnO nanocomposite films was monitored by formation of oxidative groups and changes on surface microstructure. FTIR results showed that oxidation groups in nanocomposites films increased by using cuasi-spherical ZnO nanoparticles.



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