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Photochemical Moisture Proof Coating on Nonlinear Optical Crystal by ArF Excimer Laser

  • M. Kojima (a1) and M. Murahara (a1)


Silicone oil was photo-chemically oxidized to change into SiO2 on the crystal by using an ArF excimer laser; the protective moistureproof film has been developed for a nonlinear optical crystal that is deliquescent.

The nonlinear optical crystals such as CsLiB6O10 (CLBO) and KH2PO4 (KDP) are deliquescent, which causes their surfaces to be cloudy by absorbing moisture in the air. We, therefore, demonstrated the growth of the SiO 2 film directly on the crystal so as to be moistureproof.

Firstly, dimethylsiloxane silicone oil (-O-Si(CH3)2-O-)n was poured on the substrate and coated by a spinner for making the silicone oil thin layer. Then, the ArF excimer laser was vertically irradiated on the sample in oxygen atmosphere. The O atom on the substrate surface was photo-excited by the laser to generate a high active O atom. At the same time, the Si-CH3 bond of the silicone oil was photo-dissociated and the dangling bond of Si was linked with the active O atom to form a SiO 2 film on the crystal surface.

In short, the film formed by the new technology can be used as a protective coating, which has the moisture resistance and the UV permeability, for a nonlinear optical crystal.



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Photochemical Moisture Proof Coating on Nonlinear Optical Crystal by ArF Excimer Laser

  • M. Kojima (a1) and M. Murahara (a1)


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