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Phosphorus-Containing Poly (Arylene Ether)s as Second Order Nonlinear Optical Materials

  • Duane B. Priddy (a1), C. Y. Stacey Fu (a2), Timothy L. Pickering (a1), Hilary S. Lackritz (a2) and James E. Mcgrath (a1)...


Poly (arylene ether)s can be designed to be amorphous, optically clear materials with excellent hydrolytic and thermal stability as well as good electrical, Mechanical and fire resistant properties. As a result, the use of these macromolecules in second order nonlinear optical (NLO) applications are being investigated. Typically, polymeric systems with doped chromophores result in a signigicant decrease in Tg. Methods were investigated to functionalize the polymer backbone with NLO chromophores, resulting in increased Tg.


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