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Phosphorus and Boron Implantation into (100) Germanium

  • Y. S. Suh (a1), M. S. Carroll (a2), R. A. Levy (a1), A. Sahiner (a3) and C. A. King (a4)...


Boron and phosphorus were implanted into (100) Ge with energies ranging from 20-320 keV and doses of 5×1013 to 5×1016 cm−2. The as-implanted and annealed dopant profiles were examined using secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) and spreading resistance profiling (SRP). The first four moments were extracted from the as-implanted profile for modeling with Pearson distributions over the entire energy range. The samples were annealed at 400, 600, or 800°C in nitrogen ambient. The dopant activation and diffusion were also examined and it was found that p-type sheet resistances immediately after boron implantation as low as 18 ohms/sq could be obtained without subsequent annealing.



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