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Phonon Anomaly at Tc In (Y/Er)Ba2Cu3O7–δ

  • Rajeshwar P. Sharma (a1), L. E. Rehn (a1), P. Baldo (a1) and J. Z. Liu (a1)


Ion channeling in single crystals of (Y/Er)Ba2Cu3O7–δ reveal an abrupt change (~0.01Å) at the superconducting transition temperature (Tc) in displacements of the Cu and O atoms perpendicular to the [001] direction. This anomalous change in atomic displacements shifts directly with stoichiometry-induced changes in Tc. Blocking patterns indicate no large structural changes across Tc.



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Phonon Anomaly at Tc In (Y/Er)Ba2Cu3O7–δ

  • Rajeshwar P. Sharma (a1), L. E. Rehn (a1), P. Baldo (a1) and J. Z. Liu (a1)


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