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Phase-Field Simulation of Domain Structure Evolution in Ferroelectric Thin Films

  • Y. L. Li (a1), S. Y. Hu (a1), Z. K. Liu (a1) and L. Q. Chen (a1)


A phase-field model for predicting the domain structure evolution in constrained ferroelectric thin films is developed. It employs an analytical elastic solution derived for a constrained film with arbitrary eigenstrain distributions. In particular, the model is applied to the domain structure evolution during a cubic→tetragonal proper ferro- electric phase transition. The effect of substrate constraint on the volume fractions of domain variants, domain-wall orientations, and domain shapes is studied. It is shown that the predicted results agree very well with existing experimental observations in ferroelectric thin films.



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Phase-Field Simulation of Domain Structure Evolution in Ferroelectric Thin Films

  • Y. L. Li (a1), S. Y. Hu (a1), Z. K. Liu (a1) and L. Q. Chen (a1)


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