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Phase-Change Media for High-Density Optical Recording

  • Herman Borg (a1), Martijn Lankhorst (a1), Erwin Meinders (a1) and Wouter Leibbrandt (a1)


Rewritable optical-storage systems are quickly gaining market share in audio, video and data- storage applications. The development of new rewritable optical-storage formats with higher capacity and data rate critically depends on innovations made to the recording media incorporating so-called phase-change materials. These materials allow reversible switching between a low and high reflective state induced by laser heating. In this paper, we highlight phase-change media aspects as optical and thermal design, sputter-deposition, materials optimization, and the development of new recording strategies. Focus is on the speed race in optical recording.



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Phase-Change Media for High-Density Optical Recording

  • Herman Borg (a1), Martijn Lankhorst (a1), Erwin Meinders (a1) and Wouter Leibbrandt (a1)


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