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Phase Transformation Crystallography of Lath Martensite

  • Xiao Ma (a1) and R.C. Pond (a2)


Our current understanding of martensitic transformations has been based on the Phenomenological Theory of Martensite Crystallography developed in the 1950s. Recently, a Topological Model of martensitic transformations has been presented wherein the habit plane is a semi-coherent structure, and the transformation mechanism is shown explicitly to be diffusionless. This approach is used here to model phase transformation crystallography of lath martensite in ferrous alloys. A range of network geometries is predicted corresponding to orientation relationships varying from Nishiyama-Wasserman to Kurdjumov-Sachs. Experimental observations from the literature of the dislocation and disconnection arrays, habit plane and orientation relationship are in good agreement with the model.



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