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Periodic Arrangement of GE Islands on SI(111)

  • H. Hibino (a1), N. Shimizu (a1), Y. Shinoda (a1) and T. Ogino (a1)


We describe periodic arrangements of Ge islands grown on Si (111) using Ge deposition at room temperature and post-deposit annealing. A Mesh pattern of relaxed Ge islands is obtained under conditions of a Ge thickness of 10 Å and an annealing temperature of 400°C. The Mesh pattern is due to the preferential crystallization of α-Ge films at steps and at out-of-phase boundaries of 7×7 reconstructions. We also demonstrate that the Ge island pattern is modified when Ge is grown on a substrate changed by Si homoepitaxy or In adsorption.



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Periodic Arrangement of GE Islands on SI(111)

  • H. Hibino (a1), N. Shimizu (a1), Y. Shinoda (a1) and T. Ogino (a1)


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