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Performances Presented by Large Area ZnO Thin Films Deposited by Spray Pyrolysis

  • Patrícia Nunes (a1), Antonio Marques (a1), Elvira Fortunato (a1) and Rodrigo Martins (a1)


In this work we present the results of a study on the uniformity of ZnO thin films produced by spray pyrolysis. The properties of the thin films depend essentially on the carrier gas pressure and gas flow used. The best films for optoelectronic applications were obtained with a carrier gas pressure of 2 bar and solution flow of 37 ml/min. The velocity of the nozzle affects essentially the uniformity of the ZnO thin films. However this important characteristic of the large area thin films is independent of the nature (doped and undoped) of the thin film and exhibits a high dependence on the variation of the temperature along the substrate.



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