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Performance Analysis of Copper Canister Corrosion Under Oxidizing or Reducing Conditions

  • Karen Worgan (a1), Michael Apted (a1) and Rolf Sjöblom (a2)


The finite-difference CAMEO code for modeling general corrosion of copper canisters is described. CAMEO represents the engineered barrier system and surrounding fractured host rock in 3-dimensional cylindrical coordinates. The time of containment failure is evaluated using CAMEO, as constrained by transport rates of corrodants to the canister or by transport rates of corrodant products away from the canister. Additional chemical processes explicitly modeled in CAMEO include 1) copper corrosion, and 2) kinetics of Cu(I) oxidation to Cu(II), both as a function of near-field pore water chemistry, specifically pH, Eh, and chloride concentration. The diffusional transport and sorption behavior of Cu(I) and Cu(II) are also separately incorporated.



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Performance Analysis of Copper Canister Corrosion Under Oxidizing or Reducing Conditions

  • Karen Worgan (a1), Michael Apted (a1) and Rolf Sjöblom (a2)


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