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Perchlorosilanes and Perchlorocarbosilanes as Precursors to Silicon Carbide

  • Vladimir Sevastyanov, Yurij Ezhov (a1), Roman Pavelko (a2) and Nikolaj Kuznetsov (a2)


Homologues with the general stoichiometry a(SiCl4) : bSi : cC : d(SiC) are shown to be potential precursors for the low-temperature gas-phase synthesis of silicon carbide. Thermal decomposition of these precursors yields the chemically stable gaseous species SiCl4 and condensed Si, C, SiC, SiC+Si, or SiC+C. Thermodynamic modeling of the thermal decomposition of octachlorotrisilane, Si3Cl8, is used to analyze the key features of the thermolysis of perchlorosilanes with the general stoichiometry a(SiCl4) : bSi. The equilibrium compositions of reaction products in the Si3Cl8+CO system are determined. This reaction system enables low-temperature (400 – 1200 K) synthesis of silicon carbide.



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Perchlorosilanes and Perchlorocarbosilanes as Precursors to Silicon Carbide

  • Vladimir Sevastyanov, Yurij Ezhov (a1), Roman Pavelko (a2) and Nikolaj Kuznetsov (a2)


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