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PECVD of Low Dielectric Constant Fluorine-Doped SiO2 Using TICS/O2/TFAA with In-Situ Annealing

  • I. Idris (a1) and O. Sugrura (a1)


A fluorine-doped silicon dioxide (SiO2:F) film with dielectric constant as low as 3.0 was deposited by introducing trifluoroacetic anhydride ((CF3CO) 2O TFAA) into our hydrogen-free SiO2 PECVD system using tetraisocyanatesilane (Si(NCO)4 TICS) and O2. The film was deposited at 100°C and 0.5 Torr. It was annealed by in-situ, 0.2 Torr O2 plasma treatment at 400°C for 1 hour, as well as post-metallization annealing in N2 ambient at 400°C for 1 hour. The refractive index and the ratio of infrared absorbance of Si-F/Si-O-Si peak intensity were 1.37 and 11.7%, respectively. No peak related to water absorption was clearly observed in its infrared spectrum even after contact-holes opened and dipped into boiling water for 2 hours.



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