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PbS/CdS Core/Shell Nanocrystals For Solution-Processed Colloidal Quantum Dot Solar Cells

  • Darren C. J. Neo (a1), Cheng Cheng (a1), Hazel E. Assender (a1) and Andrew A. R. Watt (a1)


An epitaxial shell of cadmium sulphide is grown on lead sulphide quantum dots in order to reduce the concentration of surface defects. Thin solid films of these core/shell materials are found to have low carrier concentrations due to effective surface passivation which reduces the number of dangling bonds. In this paper PbS/CdS is used as a quasi-intrinsic layer in p-i-n photovoltaic devices where PbS acts as the p-layer and ZnO the n-layer. By studying different permutations of these layers and the degree of PbS p-type doping by annealing we optimise fill factor and open-circuit voltage.



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