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Parylene-PDMS Bilayer Coatings for Microelectronic and MEMS Packaging

  • Hyungsuk Lee (a1) and Junghyun Cho (a2)


Current microelectronic devices and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) require that packaging costs be reduced with more enhanced device performance. In addition, the packaging materials are often exposed to harsh environments, for which their performance is drastically degraded. Importantly, such devices become lighter and smaller, precluding the use of conventional packaging materials and schemes. Given that, surface coatings can provide an alternative solution for some of the aforementioned issues. Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) is a good candidate material in many encapsulating applications but its surface must be effectively protected due to its poor surface properties. In this study, the PDMS surface is coated with the parylene C film through a vapor-phase deposition. Proper surface modification of PDMS is then essential to generate desirable interfacial adhesion and performance between the parylene C and the PDMS. Effects of plasma treatment were examined in this study to evaluate their effectiveness on the surface modification of the PDMS. In order to explore mechanical performances of the bilayer coatings, dynamic nanoindentation and feedback-control nanoindentation testings were employed. In addition, extensive surface characterizations are performed with atomic force microscope (AFM) and optical microscope (OM).



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Parylene-PDMS Bilayer Coatings for Microelectronic and MEMS Packaging

  • Hyungsuk Lee (a1) and Junghyun Cho (a2)


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