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Parallel Conduction in a-Si:H/a-Si1−xCx:H Multilayers

  • J. Bertomeu (a1), J. Puigdollers (a1), J.M. Asensi (a1), J.C. Delgado (a1) and J. Andreu (a1)...


This paper deals with the electrical properties in the parallel direction of compositionally modulated amorphous silicon/amorphous silicon-carbon multilayers. Conductivity of three series of samples with varying well and barrier thicknesses is studied. The results show that dark conductivity decreases when reducing a-Si:H layer thickness. This is interpreted as an alloy effect at interfaces. The role of the a-Si1-xCx:H layers in the photoconductivity decrease observed in series with variable mean composition and constant well thickness is discussed



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