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Palladium Nanowire Thin Films via Template Growth

  • Donghai Wang (a1), David T. Johnson (a1), Byron F. McCaughey (a1), J. Eric Hampsey (a1), Jibao He (a2) and Yunfeng Lu (a1)...


Palladium nanowires have been electrodeposited into mesoporous silica thin film templates. Palladium continually grows and fills silica mesopores starting from a bottom conductive substrate, providing a ready and efficient route to fabricate a macroscopic palladium nanowire thin films for potentially use in fuel cells, electrodes, sensors, and other applications. X-ray diffraction (XRD) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) indicate it is possible to create different nanowire morphology such as bundles and swirling mesostructure based on the template pore structure.



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