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Paint As a Corrosion Sensor; Acrylic Coating Systems

  • J. Zhang (a1) and G. S. Frankel (a1)


Paint systems containing color-change or fluorescing compounds have been found to be sensitive to underlying corrosion processes by reacting to the pH increase associated with the cathodic reaction that accompanies corrosion. The sensitivity of these coating systems for detection of cathodic reactions associated with corrosion was determined by applying constant cathodic current and measuring the charge at which color change or fluorescence is detected. Visual observation of coated samples with the unaided eye can detect changes resulting from a charge corresponding to a hemispherical pit with depth on the order of 3–15 microns. Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy was also performed to test the influence of the indicating compound addition on the coating corrosion protectiveness.



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Paint As a Corrosion Sensor; Acrylic Coating Systems

  • J. Zhang (a1) and G. S. Frankel (a1)


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