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Oxygen Exchange on a Highly Oriented Thin Film Electrode

  • Y. L. Yang (a1), C. L. Chen (a2), G. P. Luo (a2), C. W. Chu (a2) and A. J. Jacobson (a1)...


The cathodic kinetic processes on a highly oriented LSCO thin film electrode supported on YSZ(100) surface were studied with a 3-probe ac impedance method under varying bias potential and annealing temperatures. Three distinctive features observed in the impedance spectra were assigned to contributions from the ionic conduction of the YSZ electrolyte, the ionic transfer at the LSCO/YSZ interface, and the oxygen exchange on the LSCO electrode surface. The changes of the three features with respect to the annealing history and bias potential were measured. The impedance data were analyzed using an equivalent circuit model: (RelCel)(RinterfaceQinterface)(RsurfCsurf).



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