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Oxidation Resistance of TaSiN Diffusion Barriers for Stacked Capacitors

  • F. Letendu (a1), M.C. Hugon (a1), B. Agius (a1), I Vickridge (a2), F. Ayguavives (a3) and A.I. Kingon (a3)...


Due to its resistance to oxidation, TaSiN is a promising candidate as an electrically conductive barrier layer for integration of high permittivity oxides in advanced memory devices. In this study we report on the properties and the resistance to oxidation of TaSiN thin films deposited by reactive magnetron sputtering and processed by rapid thermal annealing (RTA) in 18O2 at 650°C. In order to determine the composition, RBS (Rutherford Backscattering Spectroscopy) and NRA (Nuclear Reaction Analysis) techniques have been used. 18O depth profile concentrations were measured after RTA using the narrow (fwhm=100eV) resonance at 151 keV in the nuclear reaction 18O(p,α)15N.



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