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Osteoblast Adhesion on Biodegradable Polymer Substrates

  • Susan L. Ishaug (a1), Michael J. Yaszemski (a2), Rena Bizios (a3) and Antonios G. Mikos (a1)


We have investigated the adhesion of rat osteoblasts on biodegradable poly(α-hydroxy ester) films as an in vitro model of bone regeneration. Osteoblasts cultured on poly(L-lactic acid), poly(DL-lactic-co-glycolic acid) copolymers, and poly(glycolic acid) films for 14 days grew with rates comparable to those observed for tissue culture polystyrene and retained their phenotype as expressed by activity of alkaline phosphatase and collagen synthesis.



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Osteoblast Adhesion on Biodegradable Polymer Substrates

  • Susan L. Ishaug (a1), Michael J. Yaszemski (a2), Rena Bizios (a3) and Antonios G. Mikos (a1)


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