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Origin of the Infrared Band From Porous Silicon

  • G. Mauckner (a1), J. Hamann (a1), W. Rebitzer (a1), T. Baier (a1), K. Thonke (a1), R. Sauer (a1) and Abt. Halbleiterphysik (a1)...


The photoluminescence (PL) infrared (IR)-band of p-doped porous Si (PS) films is studied by steady-state and time-resolved PL and by photoluminescence excitation (PLE) in detail. In analogy to the S-band in the visible the IR-band shifts to higher energies with reduced average nanocrystal size. The IR- and S-bands are very different in their decay behavior and in their recombination lifetimes. The temperature-dependent PL intensity shows non-exponential decay with lifetime distributions in the nsec-µsec range in contrast to the stretched exponential decay shape of the S-band corresponding to lifetime distributions in the μsec -msec range. The origin of the IR-band is likely related to radiative recombination at deep defects in Si nanocrystals with quantum-upshifted band gaps.



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Origin of the Infrared Band From Porous Silicon

  • G. Mauckner (a1), J. Hamann (a1), W. Rebitzer (a1), T. Baier (a1), K. Thonke (a1), R. Sauer (a1) and Abt. Halbleiterphysik (a1)...


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