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Orientation Control of HTS Thin Films

  • K. Endo (a1), H. Ishikawa (a2), T. Yoshizawa (a2), K. Abe (a1), J. Itoh (a1) and K. Kajimura (a1)...


The preparation of non c-axis oriented HTS films with longer coherence length is one of key technologies toward realisation of viable Josephson devices. We reports on the successful growth of (119)Bi-2223 films by MOCVD using a two-step growth temperature procedure and on AFM observation of the film surface. This temperature procedure was found to be effective for orientation control and phase control in comparison with a fixed growth temperature procedure. As a result, superconducting properties were much improved. The surface morphology observed by AFM showed a mountain-range-shaped one, which strongly reflects the epitaxial relationship between the (119)Bi-2223 film and (110) SrTiO3 substrate.



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