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Organic/Inorganic Molecular Hybrid Materials From Cubic Silsesquioxanes

  • R. M. Laine (a1), M. Asuncion (a1), S. Baliat (a2), N. L. Dias Filho (a1), J. Harcup (a1), A. C. Sutorik (a2), L. Viculis (a1), A. F. Yee (a1), C. Zhang (a1) and Q. Zhu (a1)...


Octafunctionalized silsesquioxanes [(RsiO1.5)8, cubes] offer potential as rigid, hard nanoplatforms to which a variety of organofunctional groups can be appended. Crosslinking these groups leads to novel organic/inorganic nanocomposites that consist primarily of interfacial interactions. These materials can be 100% interphase. We present efforts to develop nanocomposite materials that consist of both continuous and discontinuous organic/inorganic phases. We then discuss methods of probing the properties of these materials.



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