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Organic/Inorganic Hybrid-Type Nonvolatile Memory Thin-Film Transistor on Plastic Substrate below 150°C

  • Sung-Min Yoon (a1), Shinhyuk Yang (a1), Soon-Won Jung (a1), Sang-Hee Ko Park (a1), Chun-Won Byun (a1), Min-Ki Ryu (a1), Himchan Oh (a1), Kyounghwan Kim (a1), Chi-Sun Hwang (a1), Kyoung-Ik Cho (a1) and Byoung-Gon Yu (a1)...


An organic/inorganic hybrid-type nonvolatile memory TFT was proposed as a core device for the future flexible electronics. The structural feature of this memory TFT was that a ferroelectric copolymer and an oxide semiconductor layers were employed as a gate insulator and an active channel, respectively. The memory TFT with the structure of Au/poly(vinylidene fluoride-trifluoroethylene)/Al2O3/ZnO/Ti/Au/Ti/poly(ethylene naphthalate) could be successfully fabricated at the process temperature of below 150°C. It was confirmed that the TFT well operated as a memory device even under the bending situations.



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